Get yourself a job through TT and earn extra money

Get yourself a job through TT and earn extra money

Have you already heard about our new campaign? Get your job through TT and earn yourself 500 EUR!

Boohaaa! There it is. A 500 EUR on top in addition to your new job—valid until March 31st 2018.

This is a new one on the market. And it’s not your usual “earn more money in your new job” kind of talk. What we’ve come up with for candidates who go through us to find themselves a new job is new on the entire job market. And with this we are the first in the job field of logistics, transportation and supply chain and our campaign: Get a job through us and we pay you 500 EUR—on top, as a bonus.

But wait. Easy here. Let’s get back to normal breathing and let me explain the whys.

1. We are newcomers

There’s no way denying it: We are still young on the market. So people don’t know us all too well—if at all. So we thought of a nice way to get together for a start, something which would create good vibes and leave everybody happy. So here we are, all shiny, ready to help people to find new jobs and companies to find better candidates.

2. Reward our candidates’ trust

When looking for a new job there’s always doubt whether the next job truly is the right one for you. And of course you’d like to rely on someone, who can help you to get the job, has good insights into the company and you can turn to when in doubt. In the end there is a big portion of trust needed.
And we would like to thank our candidates for their trust and thus reward them 500 EUR in addition to their job.

3. Introducing the niche of logistics and its likes to the world

Last but not least: We are talking of a niche in the job market. Admittedly, it’s the largest niche the job market has got but somehow it always runs under the radar. Something one could find rather hilarious since everybody comes into contact with logistics on a daily base. Think of your supermarket, the postman or the next pair of shoes you’re going to buy—it’s logistics pretty much everywhere.
Besides that it’s also a great field to jump into coming from another profession. There is project management, asset management, assistance, bookkeeping, IT and so on, a seemingly endless list. You might want to read our post Why work in logistics and transport? 5 good reasons


To cut a long story short: When you are bored with your old job, why not go and try for a change and see what your chances are? The outlook of a 500 EUR reward shouldn’t hurt and if you manage it the right way you might be able to claim even more. We’d be happy to welcome you on board. Why not sign up right away?. Remember, this is only valid until 31st of March 2018.