Meet TT Bonus—our reward program

Meet TT Bonus—our reward program

You might have read about our reward program in our post about our website relaunch. And since we feel that this—besides being a nice feature—is something that might as well help you or a friend of yours, I wanted to delve into this a bit further. So let me tell you in greater detail and depth about our new rewarding system: TT Bonus.

The idea

“What’s this all about and how does it work?” you will ask. Let me give you an example:

Imagine you are browsing the web pretty much like now and you come across a job on And this job, you think, might be the perfect match for a friend of yours or someone else in your network of whom you know he or she is looking for a new one. What you usually do is copy the url or you go looking for a button and share the job with that very person. If all goes right the job is the perfect match for this person, who then applies and hopefully gets the job. And if you’re lucky the person you helped might invite you for a drink, a dinner or another treat. And that’s about it.

Now, it normally is. But not with Transport Talent. Because here kicks in what we call the TT Bonus: Once that person receives his or her job and stayed on it for 90 days you will receive a bonus from Transport Talent, starting from 500 EUR.

Right now, at the time of writing this post we actually have jobs with a bonus range between 500 EUR and 2000 EUR. All for you, ready to collect.

Here is what you have to do:

1. Register

This doesn’t take long, actually you can do the registering part right now: Register

2. Spread the news

… or better: the jobs! Go to our jobs page and start sharing by using that share button. Here you’ll find a link to pretty much every social network out there (you’ll see the major 4 ones, to see more hit the plus on the right side). Each of them contains a link created especially for you so we can identify you and your recommendations later on. Alternatively you just copy the shown link and paste/post it wherever you like

Why the bonus?

In case you wonder why we are ready to give out money to you and all the others who recommend the jobs on our platform:

Because you help us. You help us reach people we can’t reach in one way or the other. Either we didn’t know about them or they haven’t heard about us. Or they never thought about working in the logistics, transportation and supply chain industry. Or whatever the reason as long as it turns out to be a good thing.

Plus, we’d like to make this a fair deal for both sides: With your help we can help our customers. So why not thank you for your help spreading the word?

On a side note: Just in case you come across one of the I’ve-never-worked-before-in-logistics-type, here is one of our posts as to Why work in logistics and transport? 5 good reasons.

You feel you could do this all the time?

Well then, do! If you want to make a sport out of it, right on! Go ahead and spread the (job) news. Tell the world, the more the merrier. Oh, and we also have set up an ambassador program that might suit you. Stay tuned as this will come up in one of our next posts.


Join us and start recommending the jobs on our platform. If someone gets a job through your recommendation you’ll receive a reward between 500 EUR and 2000 EUR. For this to work you must be logged in and use the links we provide you with. Join us and receive your TT Bonus!