Our website relaunch

Our website relaunch

Yes, we did it. Our second relaunch. Yeah, we’re pretty proud of ourselves. Actually it’s been now well over 1 year since we went live for the first time. And that first launch took us forever - at least it felt that way.
And now we had our second relaunch. Why you may ask. To explain what has changed and why did them I need to dive a bit deeper so you can really understand the background.

Our “first time”

Back then we had in mind to set up a job portal which would be a platform similar to Stepstone or Monster but exclusively focussing on the logistics and transportation section. And with this thought we built our first website, the platform behind it and approached with it our customers.
Our customers were curious and the feedback was very positive about the fact that we would only focus on the logistics and transportation sector. What they fancied less was, well, yet another job platform. And in retrospect understandably so: There are already a lot of these platforms around and how would we challenge them? How many visitors could we attract in comparison to them? We would have to attract them by the 100.000s in no time, something which we couldn’t achieve nor did we want to. Because it didn’t feel right as it didn’t show the added value we wanted to show and bring to our customers as a service.

Back to square one

When it became clear to us that this was not “it” we sat down and went once again through our ideas and what we really wanted to achieve. With a background in HR and having spent most of our time in logistics we still recognized the big advantage of bringing these two together as one service. But while the idea of a job platform once struck us as the best idea we now found that we will do a better job when we actively support companies.

We had to rethink our values

We had setup Transport Talent to bring new and better value from the world of human resources into the world of logistics and transportation, which presents a very vast field. This industry is active in many different fields, some of them being pretty clear like freight or shipping while others are far less obvious, take for instance a support engineer or a medical devices buyer, positions one wouldn’t place in the logistics industry. Having worked in some of the largest global players we know the challenges companies around the world a facing.
And with this in mind we developed our new set of services.

What we came up with

First idea: expanding Transport Talent by a referral program. Here people can earn money by recommending jobs visible on TT to their networks. If one of their contacts is hired thanks to their recommendation they will receive a reward of at least EUR 500.
Second idea: Let companies put their jobs onto Transport Talent for free. As many as they want. And these jobs will automatically be available for recommendation as well.
Third idea: if needed we will help those companies with recruiting services starting from actively searching to testing and interviewing the candidates.
Fourth, fifth and sixth idea … well we won’t tell of them. Let’s just say for now there is room for more.

The relaunch

When we looked at what our new ideas were it became only too apparent the existing website would not represent these ideas nor would support them in any way. So we changed a few things…

The design

As our services are far more personal than before we wanted to have the website show this to our customers. And by doing so we would also focus on the customer journey by giving each of our target groups exactly the information that they will need.

A clear, precise approach

After all, this is business. So we went for a no-fuss approach getting down to the key points and features. No lengthy information but a well dosed gist of it.

Easy guidance

You should find your way around easily. Where before the user sometimes had to look out for the important stuff we now guide him to whatever information he wants to receive information about.

Fast contact

Again, the solution shouldn’t complicated. You as our visitor want to get in touch? By all means, use whatever you feel most comfortable with: mail, contact form, phone, chat.

In conclusion

There is only so much a visitor can and will do on his visit on a website. We feel this relaunch was necessary - and it was good we did it, because now you will find the new, better Transport Talent right in front of you, helping you along in the world of transportation and logistic jobs, either as a candidate, as an employer or maybe as a job ambassador.

If you still haven’t had a look at it - or think about revisiting: Here is the new website of Transport Talent.